Foundation of Retired Teachers of St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata (‘FORT-SXCS’)

Programs on 06.04.03 :
Frist Get to gether held on 06.04.03., at 5-D, palm Avenue, Kol:700 019.

Members Present:
1.  Paritosh Sarkar.
2.  Chittaranjan Roy ( Host)
3.  Veliavettil Abraham.
4.  Chandra Prakash Varma.
5.  Sajal Banerjee.
6.  Balai G. Banerjee.
7.  Joachim Gomes.

Guests: 1) Fr. G. Beckers,sj. 2). Bikash Naskar.3). Prasanto Mukherjee.
Programs on 06.07.03 :
Second Get to gether held on 06.07.03. at 5-D, Palm Avenue, Kol:700 019.

Members Present:
1.  P. Sarkar.
2.  C.R.Roy.
3.  V.Abraham.
4.  C.P.Varma .
5   S. Banerjee.
6.  B.G.Banerjee.
7.  Tara Chand Singh.
8.  Sushil Sarkar.

Guests: 1). Arun Banerjee. 2). Dipankar Basu, 3). Asok Kr. Samajpati. 4). Bikash Naskar.
Third Get to gether held at Dipankar Basu’s place ,at 166B, Sarat Bose Rd. Kol :700 029.
Programs on 14.12.03 :
Fourth get together held on 14.12.03. Organised by Mr. V.Abraham.
Programs on 25.04.04 :
Fifth Get to gether held on 25 04 04. at 5-D, palm Avenue ,Kol:700 019.
Programs on 29.01.06 :

Get together on Dated: 29.01.2006.

Members Present:
1.  V.Abraham.
2.  C.P.Varma.
3.  Paritosh Sarker
4.  Tara Chand Singh.
5.  Karuna Kant Tripathi.
6.  Chittaranjan Roy.
7.  Asok Kumar Samajpati.

The above Teachers met on 29.01.2006. at Mr. K.K.Tripathi’s place, 49,A.J.C.Bose Road,1st.Floor, Kolkata: 700 016, beside Mother Teresa’s House.Then we went to Hotel Kailash, opposite of Nonapukur Tram Depot, for lunch .Teachers then suggested to form an Association of our Retired Teachers of S.X.C.S. Kolkata and decided the following.


(The some guidelines to smoothen our Journey):

1. Mr.A.K.Samajpati, as the President and Mr. C.R.Roy as secretary and Treasurer of the Association at present .They may be changed/ elected according to the need and situation.

2. To meet Quarterly i.e. Second Sunday of the Month of March, June, September and December of every year. (Now is it bothering much?)

3. The Aim of this Association is to meet and share our past and present experiences in the journey of life without hurting others’ sentiment.

4. The Annual Subscription/Registration fees are Rupees Fifty only. (Rs.50/-)

5. Meeting place at 5-D, Palm Avenue, Kolkata: 700 019.Time:10 am to 4 pm., Unless decided else were.

6. The name of the Association:”Retired Teachers’Association of St.Xavier’s Collegiate School of Kolkata”.

7. This Association is only for Retired Teachers of St. Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata. But, guests may be invited by any of the members of the Association, to grace the occasion.

8. Refreshment and Lunch shall be contributory: Charges shall be according to the participated Member’s consumption of Food and Drinks.

9. It shall be our moral duty to confirm ourselves for the meeting i.e., coming or not coming to attend the get together, at least 48 hours before the meeting date and time, to facilitate the host to arrange the minimum requirement for our entertainment.

A /c. #Rupees three hundred fifty (Rs.350/-) was collected from those seven members 0n Annual/Registration Fee for 2006.( @ Rs.50/-per member, which mostly is to be used for the charges of Telephone calls made by the Secretary to the members of the Association, for information only. The next get together will be at 5-D, Palm Avenue, on 12.03.2006.

Programs on 29.01.06 :
12.03.2006. Get together Report.

Members present:
1.  P.Sarker.
2   C.P.Varma.
3   T.C.Siongh.
4.  B.G.Banerjee.
5.  Desmond Redden.
6.  A.K.Samajpati.
7.  V.Abraham.
8.  C.R.Roy (host).

Copies of the previous get together report were circulated. All read and suggested that the word“Association” should be changed to “Circle”. So our Association shall be known as “Retired Teachers Circle of St. Xavier’s Collegiate School of Kolkata” R.T.C.S.X.C.S.K. from now onwards. The Aim of the Circle is to ventilate out our past and present experiences, share our views, not to Fight for but to share our opinion, may not be acceptable, only for the sake of ADDA. B. Banerjee and D.Redden have joined the Circle by contributing their Annual/Registration Fees. Next Circle meet shall be on 11.06.2006, at 5-D, Palm Avenue. After intimating through phone. Only eight (8) members have joined on Sunday 12.03.06’s get together.

Programs on 11.06.06 :
11.06.06. Get together Report.
Members Present:
1.  P. Sarkar,
2.  Sushil Sarkar,
3.  C.P.Varma,
4.  T.C.Singh,
5.  A.K.Samajpati,
6.  C.R.Roy. (host).

Arun Banerjee and Dipankar Basu.
10.09.06’s get together has been postponed due to Mr. A. K. Samajpati’s wife’s serious sickness.
10.09.06’s get together has been postponed due to Mr. A. K. Samajpati’s wife’s serious sickness.

Programs on 10.12.06:

Mr. T. C. Singh invited our Members of the Circle on account of his son’s marriage at Territorial Army. Institute, club ,Outram Street. Mr. C.R.Roy circulated the Invitation through phones, only P.Sarkar, C.R.Roy, B.Banerjee, and D.W.Benedict, only four members attended the marriage and the reception.

03.01.2007.’s Meet, 1987 M.P batch invited the teachers, past and present of S.X.C.S. at the big Parlour from 6 pm to10 pm.Mr.B.Banerjee, P.Sarkar, C.P.Varma,C.R.Roy.B.Ganguly,N.Sengupta,D.W.Benedict, A.K.Samajpati, Fr.D’ Campo, Fr.B. d’santos, Fr.Jerome (HM) were present.


Programs on 18.03.07:

18.03.2007’s Get together Report.

Members present:
1. A.K.Samajpati,
2. C.R.Roy(host),
3. Desmond Redden,
4. C.P.Varma,
5. T.C.Singh,
6. Sushil Sarkar,
7. D.W.Benedict,
8. Jim Brown,
9. P.Sarkar,
10. B.Banerjee.

Avishek & Navneet Singh(new couple),Anindya Mazumder, Ch. Benedict. D .Basu.

Arround 12.00 noon, we met together, at 5-D, Palm Avenue, discussed about Nandigram killings and kept one minute silence for the victims of the Nandigram situation which would be sent to the different news media through the Internet system. “This assembly of the Retired Teachers’ Circle of St. Xavier’s Collegiate School Kolkata, along with some in-service Teachers of the same Institution, condemns the wanton excess of police atrocity and mass killing of innocent demonstratos unwilling to surrender their land to the Goverments’ Will at Nandigram and demands examplary punishment of the culprits involved in the incident and expresses its deep sympathy for the relatives and friends of the bereaved families”. The meeting ended at 4.30 pm. The Annual Report and Accounts were circulated among the present members and were passed with out any objection. We thanked the members of the T.C.Singh’s family for paying up the expenses of the get together. Venue of the next meeting ,is on 10,June2007 will be announced latter.


Till now,the seretary, Mr.C.R.Roy could not arrange the meeting place because in the mean time Mr. A. K. Samajpati’s wife expired and my wife was critically ill, she has been operated on. Now my place is not available for the venue. Under these circumstances somebody must come Forward to arrange the place for our get together. This report has been prepared by Chittaranjan Roy on 15. 09. 2008, from the Minutes Book.

N.B. Kindly let us know your date of Joining in school and date of Retirement from school. Also let us know your correct present Address and Phone, mobile numbers. (If they are not correctly recorded by us!) Is any one left out or missed?

15.09.08, Monday, an urgent executive body meeting took place at 19-A, Palit Street,
Kolkata 700 019, Mr.C.P. Varma’s place at 5.00 pm, to meet Mr.Ramesh Jude Thomas,an ex-student of 1978 batch to disscuss the problems of our retired teachers.
Their association ‘TEXT’(Trust for Ex. Xaverian Teachers) would like to help out some of our problems on their own way. We have informed him our present situation of our association.We have decided to have our next get together on 09.11.2008,Sunday from 12.00 noon to 3.00pm at Dalhausie Institute( D.I).Club,Jhowtala Rd.Kolkata:700017.

The entire expenses of food and drinks shall be met by Mr.Ramesh JudeThomas and the associates.Mr. Ramesh Jude Thomas and some of his friends would like to meet us on that day. Their main Aim is to pay back some of the debts of the retired teachers who have helped them to be the better citizen of tomorrow.The meeting was ended at 7.00pm.The members of the executive body present were:
Asok. K. Samajpati (in the chair), 2.C.R.Roy, 3.C.P.Varma,4. Paritosh Sarkar,Desmond Redden.

Guest: Mr. Ramesh Jude Thomas. (ICSE 1978’s batch)
           s/o Mr. George Thomas.
           (e-mail address: <>)

25 Book-Post letters with the above information, have been sent to the members and the would be members of the association on19.09.08.Not a single book post letter, if not delivered, has been returned yet.

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